Woow is all I can say about my #HERexperience...it truly leaves me speechless. Stacey Lynn is the most amazing and consistent stylist I know, and I AM honored and love being one of HER V.I.P. clients!
— Jai Slaughter

Stacey Lynn has styled me for most of the major events in my career and I don’t see that changing any time soon.I love that Stacey takes the time to help you find your hidden treasures- she selects items that accentuate what you already have, colors that compliment you, and styles that embody your spirit. Fashion is an outward expression of who you are; Stacey helps women find their voice in fashion and challenges the norm while doing so.
— London Lo

Stacey Lynn has served as my personal stylist for the past year and she has always expressed nothing but patience and a pure love for what God has positioned her to do. congratulations Stacey on the greater things that are bound to happen from here because you BELIEVE & are faithful over what God has already blessed you with. Love you chic! Thank you for being apart of #TeamRAYAH!
— Sa'Rayah
Today, I had the pleasure of working with my new stylist, Stacey Lynn. She was absolutely amazing. Prior to meeting her this morning, she took the time to get to know me as a person. She also had me describe who I am and after that conversation, she was able to capture the essence of my personality through the clothes that she selected. We shopped for about 4 hours today but I have to say the time went by so fast! She is fun to be around and we had great conversation. I am truly ready for my upcoming photo shoot on and I owe it all to Stacey and her unique style.
Thank you!
— Jamila M. Trimuel, Ladies of Virtue



I promise to create the perfect image for you.  I will incorporate  who you are in every aspect of our time together. I promise to serve you and ensure that you look flawless at every event! 


About Me


I am from Chicago, IL and I am a fashion enthusiast. I was gifted with a passion and eye for styling all body types. I have been perfecting my skill in styling for the last 10 years in order to provide the best service to my clients. I am the owner of HER Treasures Boutique where we provide women of all shapes and sizes clothing to help them feel as good as they look. My personal motto is to feed the souls of my clients so that they will own any room they enter.